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The Crew

RC Cepeda

RC aka Ruben Cepeda is from South Texas but doesn't have an accent and for as long as he can remember, he's always had a BIG love for music, film and creating things. He is also a master of puns and dad jokes. 

In his 20's he was in a progressive instrumental band called They Mean Us (they have 2 albums on iTunes) and he created a viral marketing concept where he brought a fictionalized character to Life, it was called Sir Kingston: Your Entertainment Concierge. 

In 2017 he moved to LA and stayed with some friends where their weekends were spent not at a club, but around a table, coming up with funny, silly ideas for movies, products, tv shows, songs, etc. Which is when it struck him... "This should be a podcast!" He called up his high school buddy Ali and told him his idea to which Ali quickly said "YES! This SHOULD be a podcast! Let's do it!"  

Ali Naqvi

Granison Crawford

Ali Naqvi is also from Texas and like most Texans he is “Damn proud of it.”

He is a Director/Producer/Editor that loves every aspect of filmmaking and always strives to continue learning. Let’s face it, there’s a lot to learn.

He currently resides in Los Angeles and is freelancing on TV jobs. He has worked on many shows including  HBO’s Westworld, Showtime's Penny Dreadful, and Netflix’s Altered Carbon.  While he is not working he likes to spend his free time making his own projects.

You can check out some of his work at:

Image from iOS.jpg

Granison aka ‘Boogie’, is an Oakland born LA Based stand up comedian. He left Oakland at 21 to pursue college knowledge and, “get that degree” in video games.Alas it was not to be.


Halfway through his college eat, pray, love, Granison received a from God (or at least some dude name Jack who had an acting program he was pitching via landline at the time).


It was after this program, and a series of community plays, that Granison would eventually make his way to the real life play that is LA.


Now Granison is a professional actor, comedian, and VO artist. You’ve seen him on Discovery ID (acting), Amazon (stand up), and DreamWorks TV (voice over). Granison is also the Co-founder of the live comedy entertainment company League of Comedy.

Sapo Hernandez

Sapo is a Writer originally from the San Diego Area.


After attending LA Film School he has freelanced in various film jobs and tends bar in Hollywood.

Sapo has been helping our show for quite a while is now going to jumping on the other side of the mic to help us with some ideas.

Jessie Avila

sapo hernandez.jpg

Jessie Avila is a musician born and raised in Los Angeles, a very rare breed now and days. 

He is currently a college student majoring in Business/Music Theory in hopes of making it in the music industry.

When he is not behind the camera you can catch him either skateboarding all over the City of Angels or playing along various venues on the sunset strip with his punk rock band The Victims. 


You can check out their tunes at:

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